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Laboratory for Image & Video Engineering

LIVE (current) Members
Alan Bovik
Director of LIVE

Digital video, image processing, and computational aspects of biological visual perception
Sungsoo Kim
Graduate Student
Machine learning, Medical imaging analysis, Image/Video processing
Abhinau Venkataramanan
Graduate Student
Image/Video Quality Assessment, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
Maniratnam Mandal
Graduate Student
Image and Video Quality Assessment, Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Data Science
Avinab Saha
Graduate Student
Image/Video Quality Assessment, Self-Supervised Learning, Virtual Reality
Berrie Chen
Graduate Student
Image/Video Quality Assessment, Deep Learning, Image Processing
Sandeep Mishra
Graduate Student
Image/Video Quality Assessment, Deep Learning, Bio-inspired Computer Vision, Efficient Architecture for Edge Computing
Sai Karthikey Pentapati
Graduate Student
Image/Video Processing, Perceptual Quality Estimation, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision
Cheng-Han Lee
Graduate Student
Computer Vision, Image Processing, and Machine Learning
Shreshth Saini
Graduate Student
Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Video Engineering
Seobin Park
Graduate Student
Virtual Reality, Human Vision System, Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Ramit Pahwa
Graduate Student
Deep Learning, Video Quality Assessment, Efficient Model Representation
Bowen Chen
Graduate Student
Video/image Quality Assessment, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Krishna Durbha
Graduate Student
Computer Vision, Image and Video Processing, Representation Learning, and Deep Learning
Hakan Gedik
Graduate Student
Image/Video Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning
Shashank Gupta
Graduate Student
Video Processing, deep learning, probabilistic methods
Asvin Venkataramanan
Graduate Student
Virtual Reality, Image & Video Processing, Deep Learning for Hardware
Rosemary Lach
Graduate Student
Wireless Communications, Image/Video Processing, Augmented Reality
Rajesh Sureddi
Graduate Student
Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Image/Video Quality Assessment

Zombies (PhD Alumni)
Name Research Graduation Year
Zaixi Shang
Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, machine learning 2023
Joshua Ebenezer
Video Quality Assessment, Deep Learning, Computer Vision 2023
Dae Yeol Lee
Image/video quality assessment and enhancement, Immersive media, Machine learning, and Computer vision 2022
Zhengzhong Tu
Image and Video quality, image processing, machine learning 2022
Pavan Chennagiri
Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision 2022
Somdyuti Paul
Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning 2022
Li-Heng Chen
Image/Video quality assessment, image/video codec 2022
Meixu Chen
image and video quality assessment,visual perception,image/video processing 2022
Xiangxu Yu
Image and video processing, image/video quality assessment, machine learning 2022
Yize Jin
Image and Video processing, Virtual Reality, Visual Discomfort 2022
Zhenqiang Ying
Image/Video Enhancement and Quality Assessment, learning based computational photography 2022
Praful Gupta
Image and video processing, image/video quality assessment, computer vision 2021
Janice Pan
Image/video quality assessment, image processing, 3D reconstruction, computer vision 2019
Zeina Sinno
Natural scene statistics, image and video compression, image and video quality assesment 2019
Todd Goodall
Statistical modeling of images and videos, image and video quality assessment algorithms, visual perception, computational vision 2018
Christos Bampis
Computer vision, machine learning, medical imaging analysis, image/video processing, graph-theoretic methods in computer vision 2018
Deepti Ghadiyaram
Image and video procesing, computer vision, image quality analysis 2017
F. Leo Isikdogan
Satellite image processing, remote sensing, image and video processing, computer vision, machine learning 2017
Lark Kwon Choi
Image and video quality assessment, visual masking, motion perception, image and video enhancement and compression 2015
Che-Chun Su
Computer Vision, Computational Photography, and Natural Scene Statistics 2014
Chao Chen
Video transmission over wireless channel, visual quality assessment and its potential applications in video communications 2013
Michele Saad
Image and Video Quality Assessment, Image Processing, Content-Based image Retreival, Machine Learning 2013
Anish Mittal
Computer Vision,Image processing and Machine learning 2013
Gautam Muralidhar
2D & 3D Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Computational Models for Tumor Growth. 2012
Ming-Jun Chen
Video quality assessment, and Video content analysis. 2012
Ajay Gopinath
Feature Modeling and Tomographic Reconstruction of Electron Microscopy Images 2012
Rajiv Soundararajan
Information Theoratic Methods in Distributed Compression and Visual Quality Assessment 2012
Anush Moorthy
Natural Scene Statistics Based Blind Image Quality Assessment and Repair 2012
Sina Jahanbin
New Approaches to Automatic 3D and 2D/3D Face Recognition 2011
Thayne Coffman
Computational stereo, passive 3D ranging, target acquisition, tracking, and recognition, exploiting foveated imagery, and social network analysis 2011
Yang Liu
Scene Statistics of 3D Natural Images 2010
Shalini Gupta
3D Face Reconition 2008
Kalpana Seshadrinathan
Video Quality Assessment based on Motion Models 2008
Thomas Arnow
Foveated object recognition by corner search 2008
Sumohana Channappayya
Image communication system design based on the structural similarity index 2007
Abtine Tavassoli
Discovery and representation of human strategies for visual search 2007
Raghu Raj
Optimal visual search strategies using natural scene statistics 2007
James Monaco
Optimal sampling strategies for active stereo vision systems 2007
Mehul Sampat
Evidence-based detection of spiculated lesions on mammography 2006
Hyohoon Choi
Automatic Classification and Segmentation of Multiplex-Fluorescence In-Sity Hybridization Chromosome Images 2006
Farooq Sabir
Joint Source-Channel Distortion Modeling for Wireless Image and Video Communication 2006
Umesh Rajashekar
Statistical Analysis and Selection of Visual Fixations 2005
Hamid Sheikh
Image Quality Assessment Using Natural Scene Statistics 2004
Wade Schwartzkopf
Maximum likelihood techniques for joint segmentation-classification of multi-spectral chromosome images 2002
Shizhong Liu
DCT Domain Video Foveation and Transcoding for Heterogeneous Video Communication 2002
Zhou Wang
Rate Scalable Foveated Image and Video Communications 2001
Jian Ling
The Development of Raman Imaging Microscopy to Visualize Drug Actions in Living Cells 2001
Sanghoon Lee
Foveated video compression and visual communications over wireless and wireline networks 2000
Barry Barnett
Full motion multiparty videoconferencing using motion compensated visual pattern image sequence coding 2000
Hung-Ta Pai
Multichannel blind image restoration 1999
Wei Dong
Coiflet-type wavelets : theory, design, and applications 1998
Thomas Kite
Design and quality assessment of forward and inverse error diffusion halftoning algorithms 1998
Marios Pattichis
AM-FM transforms with applications 1998
Changhoon Yim
Multiresolution 3-D range segmentation using focus cues 1996
Joseph Havlicek
AM-FM image models 1996
William Klarquist
FOVEA : a foveated vergent active stereo vision system for dynamic three-dimensional scene recovery 1996
Tieh-Yuh Chen
Stereo disparity from local image phase : new models for image modulation, coarse-to-fine processing, and disparity channels 1995
Scott Acton
Generalized deterministic annealing with applications to nonconvex problems in image processing 1993
Peter Silsbee
Computer lipreading for improved accuracy in automatic speech recognition 1993
Keith Bartels
The analysis of biological shape and shape-change from multi-dimensional image sequences 1993
Boaz Super
Understanding images of textured surfaces 1992
Laith Naaman
Design of least squares order statistic filters 1990
Dapang Chen
Visual pattern image coding 1990
John Jordan
On using chromatic information in stereo correspondence 1990
Alfredo Restrepo
Locally monotonic regression and related techniques for signal smoothing and shaping 1990
Nak Kim
Computation of shape from stereo images with application to biological shape analysis 1989
Fernando Macias
Implementation and limitations of scanning light microscopy for the determination of three-dimensional structure from optical serial sections 1988
Harold Longbotham
Deterministic theory of order statistic filters 1988

Master's Alumni
Name Research Graduation Year
Chengyang Wu
Image/Video Quality Assessment, Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Vision 2021
Haoran Niu
Image/video quality assessment, computer vision, deep learning 2020
William Malpica
Stereo Image Quality Assesment and Biomedical Imaging 2008
Joonsoo Lee
3D Face Recognition 2007
Kalpana Seshadrinathan
Steganalysis of Spread Spectrum Techniques using Natural Scene Statistics 2004
Brette Luck
An algorithm for segmenting nuclei in confocal images of cervical tissue for cervical precancer detection 2004
Farooq Sabir
Unequal error protection for Scalable Foveated Image Communication 2002
Mehul Sampat
Classification of M-FISH images 2002
Hamid Sheikh
Real-time foveation techniques for low bit rate video coding 2001
Kostas Kladopoulos
Vidhya Krishnan
Channel coding techniques for foveated video 2000
George Panayi
Implementation of digital image processing functions using LabVIEW 1999
Wade Schwartzkopf
Kartick Suriamoorthy
Analysis of shape, shape-change and growth via active contour and surface models 1997
Danielle Craevich
A Stereo VPIC System 1996
Hung-Ta Pai
Fast image compression algorithms applied to space object images 1996
Tina Messerschmitt
Evaluation of the dominant mode rejection beamformer for passive sonar applications 1995
Christopher Griffin
Multiresolution shape change analysis of biomedical images 1995
Patrick Lacour
Real time image processing for autonomous navigation 1993
Thomas Arnow
Comparison of sensor configurations for ANN pattern recognition 1991
A-Lan Reynolds
Image analysis and arm recognition in spiral galaxies 1991
Zhengyi Xie
"Red light, green light," a real-time computer vision application 1991
Scott Acton
Recognition of generalized cylinders using perceptual organization 1990
William Klarquist
The magic X-ray machine : an application of computer vision techniques using limited sensing and computational resources. 1990
Nanda Gopal
Numerical analysis of image patterns 1989
Michael Gibson
Heirarchical clustering for image and scene segmentation 1988
Kirk Sanders
Nonlinear iterative techniques for image restoration from incomplete spectral data 1988
Tomas Emmoth
Multichannel Texture Analysis 1988
Mosfeq Rashid
A parallel architecture for high quality graphics 1988
Robin Brooks
Robust edge detection in radar noise 1987
Jinn-Yeu Jou
On visible surface reconstruction 1987
Shannon Spires
Fractal terrain generation by recursive mapping 1987
Fen-Fen Shueh
Accuracy analysis of edge detecting operators 1986
Chen-Chau Chu
Visual surface reconstruction using minimax criterion 1986
Alfredo Restrepo
On dynamic characteristics of L-filters and adaptive L-filters 1986
Thomas Dehel
A parallel architecture to solve the robotic path finding problem 1985
Dave Harding
Ritha Pai
Nicholas Von Bavel
Jeffrey Wehnes
Ronald Larcom
Multiple image 3D reconstruction and computer vision.
Alan Bernstein
Foveated coding for large-format video

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